We Love Our Residents .

Our residents come from a wide variety of backgrounds, and each brings a unique perspective to our program.

Chief Residents .

Our Chief Residents are nominated by their peers and selected by the program faculty from the ranks of the rising PGY3 class. In their final year of residency, these individuals serve equally important roles as advocates, liaisons, counselors, educators, and guides. They are integral to the continued development of the residency, proposing and implementing innovative programs to cultivate the unique skills of each of their resident colleagues.

Alyssa Ierardo, MD, MPH

Anna Scanlin, MD

Melissa Templeton, MD

Class of 2025 .

Kayla Darris

Alexas Gaudet

Rohan Janwadkar

Hallie Jester

Bryan Knoedler

Brody Koch

Liana Meffert

Bryan Rosenberg

Aadya Singh

Saskia van Terheyden

Class of 2024 .

Connor Bracy, MD

Glennette Castillo, MD

Virginia Chan, MD

Emily Harrington, MD

Kelly Lew, MD

Quinn Peragine, MD

Bowen Sheng, MD

Nam Trinh, MD

Alexa Weisbein, MD

Brandon Williams, MD

Class of 2023 .

Rebecca Breed, MD

Supriya Davis, MD

Alyssa Ierardo, MD, MPH

Matthew Johnson, MD

Talia Migdal, MD

Miriam Orinda, MD

Anna Scanlin, MD

Randi Seidel, MD

Damion Simpson, MD

Melissa Templeton, MD